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Pressure Sand Filter

PSF is used as a tertiary remedy unit to lure the hint amounts of solids which escape the clarifier, and might normally manage up to 50 mg/l of solids in a cost-effective way. This unit is basically a pressure vessel this is full of graded media (sand and gravel). The water filtered with PSF is handed on to the subsequent level in the STP chain: the Activated Carbon clear out.

Those accurate engineering practices make certain foremost filtration performance by warding off quick circuiting of glide within the clear out, and also minimizing pressure loss inside the filter because of surprising expansion/constrictions within the fittings.

when the strain drops beyond a restriction, the sand is wiped clean with the aid of back washing of the filter out (back flushing) with water, wherein water is exceeded within the opposite course (from outlet to inlet). This method agitates, liquidizes and expands the sand bed. The backwash water includes away the lighter pollutant solid particles as backwash waste.

The clear out desires backwash whilst the strain drop throughout the clear out exceeds 0.five kg/cm2 but, it is a great practice to backwash as soon as in a shift, irrespective of the actual quantity of pressure loss. A five to 10 minute backwash will commonly rid the clear out of all gathered muck.



• Waste Water Treatment
• Process of drinking water
• Filtration in swimming pools
• Pre filtration for membrane systems
• Filtration of surface water
• Cooling Tower Filtration

Differant types of Pressure Sand Filter

Differant types of Pressure Sand Filter:

• Multi Grade/Dual Sand Media
• Pressure sand Filter (MOC-MS/MSRL/SS/FRP)