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Six things you should know before buying Ozonation System


1) Ozone production 

These are some of primary methods which are used for ozone generation.
  •      Electrochemical 
  •      Ultraviolet Radiation 
  •      Cold plasma 
  •      Corona discharge

2) One or more ceramic ozone cell

Business and mechanical ozone generators utilize different cells on the grounds that a solitary cell unit would get much excessively hot and can be exceptionally noisy. Its always better to have multiple cell unit rather single cell unit.

3) Universal voltage

If you plan to buy overseas make sure unit has universal voltage. 

4) Low voltages for ozone creation

A well constructed machine produces ultra pure ozone on only 12 volts. Lower voltage are effective and safer.

5) Overheat or requirement of cooling fans

An OZONE unit with efficient cells and low voltage will give best result for ozone you want without the noise or excess temperatures.

6) Warranty and support

Make sure that you get good warranty and support the product you buy. Try to buy from who will be able to assist you with using the unit and potential troubleshooting.